The Weekend Getaway Essentials

The Weekend Getaway Essentials
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It's a summer vacation must-have! 

Curated for a weekend away, this new limited-edition drawstring bag is made of 100% cotton.

Inside are travel sizes of all five Care multi-tasking products to ensure you never miss a skincare step while you’re away:

​4-Soft Sweep® Micellar Cleanser + Toner Towelettes (4g)

3-Deep Moisture Fix® Packettes (3g)

2-The Everything Multi-level Moisturizer Packettes (3g)

1-Eye + Lip Nourishing Cream Packette (3g) 

2-Tireless® Retinoid Night Serum Packettes (3g)

*Restrictions may apply.



Elevate your travel skincare routine with TSA approved sizes of all five Care essentials in a signature eco-friendly bag.

Why it works


Acts like a sponge, attracting moisture to the skin’s surface and creating a protective barrier to lock it in


Sodium Hyaluronate:
This super molecule
 is used to preserve skin's ability to bounce back, penetrating deeply to lock in moisture. Naturally occurring in skin, it holds up to 1,000x its weight in water

Vitamin C

This potent antioxidant helps protect skin from free radicals, photoaging and environmental stress - plus plays a role in collagen synthesis