Our Story

The art of simple skincare.

​We don't believe skincare should be complicated. In fact, we'd love to declutter your daily routine.​

After a successful career at Clinique, Ricardo felt it was time for a change. He and Pilar worked closely with beauty industry experts ​to create five day-to-night, multi-tasking essentials. Simple routines, transformative skincare.​

Care maintains exceptional value by selling directly to you, without retail markups and costs. We'd rather invest in quality products that go on your skin instead of expensive packaging or marketing BS.​

There's something so calming about seeing "Care" in your bathroom space.​
We hope when you look in the mirror you always see your own unique beauty.

Pilar & Ricardo Quintero
Care, Co-Founders

"Care grew out of a personal search to find safe, effective products I could consistently rely on—through different seasons, through travel, through pregnancy, through life."

- Pilar Quintero

The Care Promise


For us, creating safe, highly effective products that work for all skin types is non-negotiable. Our proprietary formulas are developed by experts with great care, using only proven ingredients that are safe, multi-functional, dermatologist tested, fragrance-free and never animal tested.


We sell directly to our customers, avoiding the standard retail markups and costs that drive up prices. We also use simple, functional packaging. That means we spend the most on what we value most—best-in-class formulas crafted and curated with superior grade ingredients.

Made in
the USA

Care is proudly formulated, bottled, produced and shipped in the United States.

“In my years in the beauty business, I heard the voices of hundreds of women telling me skincare was complicated, expensive and the results weren’t always there. It was time to offer simple, highly effective and affordable skincare.”