Why Care

Our mission is simple:
deliver exceptional skincare with no compromises and no beauty BS.

Years of experience as a consumer and in the global beauty industry taught us that skincare is often overcomplicated, overpriced and full of ingredients that do more harm than good. Finding what’s best for your skin is a time consuming game of trial and error, as you navigate a sea of products .

Equipped with a deep knowledge of what actually works and an expert R&D team, we set out to cut through the noise. The result is Care—a curated line of essentials designed to deliver outstanding results, with minimal daily effort and no beauty BS.

"Care grew out of a personal search to find safe, effective products I could consistently rely on—through different seasons, through travel, through pregnancy, through life."

– Pilar, Co-Founder

The Care Promise

Clean Beauty

For us, creating safe, effective products that work for all skin types is non-negotiable. Our formulas are expert developed with great care, using only proven ingredients that are non-toxic, fragrance free and never animal tested.


We sell directly to our customers, avoiding the standard retail markups and costs that drive up prices and we use simple, functional packaging. That means most of our costs go into what we value most—best-in-class formulas crafted with superior grade ingredients.

Made in
the USA

Care is proudly formulated, bottled and produced in the United States.

Because We Care

We launched Care Skincare in December 2018, and giving back is a commitment we've had since Day One.

A portion of all Care sales will always go to causes that we and you care about. Each season, we will support and highlight a different charity or non-profit group to raise as much awareness as we can. Let us know what really matters to you and your community. Help choose where to give next by following @careskincare on Instagram and clicking on the “Because We Care” icon.

The California Fire Foundation

Our first announced mission was to help the victims of the Woolsey and Camp wildfires in California. Since the launch of Care Skincare on 12/17/18 through the end of February, a portion of sales were set aside for The California Fire Foundation.

Their ongoing work to assist firefighters, families and communities devastated by wildfires is critical. Our donation was $1 for each of the 700 Instagram followers Care had at the end of February. Learn more about this amazing organization and on how to help this important cause  at: cafirefoundation.org

Every Mother Counts

We asked, and a powerful 94% of you voted yes to helping women in need.  In April and May 2019, Care. will donate 100% of sales generated every Monday from the product Deep Moisture Fix Hydrating Water Cream to Every Mother Counts. Every Mother Counts is a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere. We are proud to support their work here in the United States and across the world.  Together, we can make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere. Find out more at everymothercounts.org