Here We Care

Why I Care

Our Philosophy

In my life I’ve loved some skincare products and fallen out of love with others. There were times where a full beauty routine felt too complicated to fit into my day. Add in travel, seasonal changes, pregnancy, mom life – and your bathroom cabinet just might overflow.

That’s how our idea for Care was born, or as we like to say, our fifth child. My husband was in the global beauty industry for many years and after the wedding of our eldest daughter, we knew our next chapter in life would be to work together to decode and declutter skincare.

There’s a universe of skincare out there and overall I think it’s overwhelming, confusing and overpriced.  A lot of beauty brands add trendy ingredients which are not tried and true or best for skin.  Complicated products and regimens add on more unnecessary information for you to decipher. Finding what’s best can be a game of trial and error, which gets expensive. No one likes to be talked into a bundle of products at the store that you use once or twice because they don’t really fit your skincare needs.

Our first step was to cut through the noise and get back to the basics.  With an expert R&D team of skincare scientists, we invested a great deal of time and energy in finding out what healthy skin needs and what actually works.

The happy result? Care – a curated line of essentials designed to deliver outstanding skincare with minimal daily effort and no beauty BS. Care is about safe, simple, yet highly effective products you can rely on. There are five clean beauty multi-taskers in our line like The Everything Multi-level Moisturizer and Tireless Retinoid Night Serum. I sometimes think of them as the five go-to pieces I have in my closet that work with anything, like a crisp white shirt or my most flattering black dress.

We’ve developed multifunctional must-haves for everyday use with no fillers or harmful ingredients. Skincare should not only make you look good, but should nourish and promote healthy, hydrated skin. We also RIPT test for potential irritants so even the most sensitive skin types are welcome.

From an ethical standpoint, please know we do not, nor will ever, test our products on animals. In addition, Care is proudly formulated, bottled and produced in the United States. We prefer to talk to and sell directly to you rather than through a retailer to keep costs down and our voice true.

As part of the commitment we’ve had to give back since Day One, Care contributes each season through our “Because We Care” initiative to different charities that you vote for on Instagram. We would love to hear what is important to you and your community. Our first announced mission was to assist the California Fire Foundation and the victims of the Woolsey and Camp wildfires. Our next cause is helping women in need through the non-profit organization Every Mother Counts. Learn more by following @careskincare on Instagram and clicking on the “Because We Care” icon.

Care was made with you in mind.  We wanted to create skincare that fits into your life, and not the other way around. Any complexity is built into our formulas instead of your routine.

Thank you for getting to know us and our hope is that these products bring simple back to beauty.

With Care,